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CDI Facilitate a ceremony to announce funding support to deal with Child Marriage in Ghana.

The presence of vast numbers of unsupervised and unprotected children is a phenomenon that is common throughout Ghana, and in few places such as Old Fadama popularly called Agbogboloshie are the street children particularly young female head porters (Kayayees) more visible, and reviled, than in other places. The number of under-aged kayayees (Children below 14 years) in major parts of Accra is a common spectacle. Girls as young as 7 years can...

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Anti-Trafficking Project Commerced

Over two hundred years after the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, vicious illegal forms of slavery still exist across the world.  Aside from guns and drugs, no other trade is more profitable than that of trafficking in Persons. This burgeoning modern-day slave trade called Human Trafficking   is big business, generating more than $32 billion annually for traffickers worldwide.

 UNICEF estimates that, "large numbers" of children are being trafficked ...

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News Brief By Mr. Alexis Danikuu

Creation of livelihood opportunities for women is critical in dealing with the influx of underage girls in urban Accra to engage in head pottering popularly called 'Kayayee'. This came to light during a sensitization meeting with the Women and Children (Mother-to-Child) Sub-Committee of the Sissala West District at Gbowulu, in the Upper West Region. The meeting also revealed that, other factors that account for this phenomenon are the severe and widespread poverty, large fam...

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