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Effective state social work service provisions: what we need to do as a country

By Mr. Alexis Danikuu Dery
This Article was first published in the April 5, 2013 edition of the Public AGENDA News paper, one of Ghana's most influential Advocacy News Paper.

Social work is a social organization dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life of humanity, the strengthening of family life, and the control of adverse conditions which retard national collective progress.

In Ghana, as in other parts of the world, social workers perfor...

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CDI Contributes to Experience Sharing on HIV/AIDS

Center for Development Initiatives in  partnership with the two Social Work Training Institutions (School of Social, Osu-Ghana and School of Social Work, University of Georgia, Atlanta) presented a paper on HIV/AIDS related Stigma and Discrimination: Implications for Prevention as part of an annual program between the two schools that seeks to create a platform for intense exchanges of ideas between students and faculty members  on how best  they can help their clients(communit...

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